Who Am I?

My parents' life as they know it will forever be changed by my entrance into their world.

Skinned knees & ABC's.  I enter 1st Grade.

No more school, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks.  
Adios Canyon High School!

4 years and 1 Journalism degree later, I now officially bleed orange.  Hook 'Em Horns!

He sang like Steve Perry (of Journey-fame) and oh, how I loved me some Steve Perry.

Though short-lived, the marriage produced one bouncing, brown-eyed, bald-headed baby boy.

With a passion for helping others, I began my career in Social Work.

Obviously, my picker was busted.  Marriage # 2 is in the books.

The 3rd time is most definitely the charm.  My happily-ever-after begins here.

I need a drastic way to lose these stubborn 10 menopausal pounds!  CrossFit is drastic, right?

Now it's time to say good-bye … to my 27-year career.  Onto the next chapter!

The birth of Pequena Vida Loca.

We're all here for one thing:  to live this crazy little thing we call life!

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